Posted on: January 22, 2008 10:38 pm

Scattered Thoughts from Today

I planned to come on here and blog again as soon as the NFC Championship game was done. Here I was, all prepared with my post, all about how difficult it was for me to be a Packers fan who had lived in Patriots territory all his life, and how life would become increasingly difficult once I went back to school in Madison.

Alas, that dilemma is one I will not have to face. The Packers played a horrid 2nd half, highlighted by costly interceptions by Brett Favre and a nonexistent running game from Ryan Grant. My hats are off to the Giants, and I wish them the best of luck as they face the behemoth known as the Pats in the Super Bowl.

Now, on to the non-sports stuff.

First off, rest in peace Heath Ledger. While it is still hard to tell how your legacy will be remembered, initial reports have painted him to be a James Dean figure, a loner with Hollywood looks who couldn't stand the labels of "heartthrob" and "hottie" he was forced into. In reality, his acting was insightful and showed many great sides. I eagerly look forward to the release of "The Dark Knight," as Ledger is rumored to have immersed himself into the role, even using a razor to cut the sides of his mouth a la the General in "Pan's Labryinth" to give his Joker an authentic look. I loved Jack Nicholson in the original role, but wow, that is commitment...

Now, back to sports...

Tom Brady was spotted walking in New York City wearing a protective boot. Yet, the first thing I thought of was "what the heck is Tom Brady doing in New York? Visiting his good pals Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez?" I hope Brady is 100% for the game, not only because I want to see the Patriots hand it to Eli Manning and the Giants, but also because I'm sure the Giants want to have a chance to beat the Patriots on their own terms, and not have an excuse like a hobbled Brady hanging over their heads.

Finally, a lighter note from Tinseltown:

All year, as I was sitting at school, praying for a 4.0 and a BCS bowl for the Badgers, I thought to myself "that's about as likely as 'Norbit' winning an Oscar." Ah, if only my dreams had that good of a chance. It is with great amusement and horrid fascination that I report the Eddie Murphy hamfest "Norbit" was nominated for an Oscar in "Best Makeup". If only I had known all those times I was saying these things, the chances of Norbit winning an Oscar were actually 1 in 3.

That's it for now. Strangely, despite my relative lack of activity on CBS, I have somehow temporarily acquired a "top 10" sticker next to my head. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, since my old friend ChiSoxandIrish has perpetually been in the top 10 despite barely ever visiting CBS, but I guess all I can say is... thanks?

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